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Tianjin Tuozhiming Lab Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tuozhiming") is an innovative technology enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.

Tuo Zhiming adheres to the development tenet of "creating first-class laboratory equipment for first-class laboratory ", and comparable to the world's advanced chemical sample pretreatment technology, taking the specific conditions of China's laboratory technology as the entry point, and Firmly follow the road of independent research and development .which has filled a number of technical gaps in the field of laboratory sample preparation.

The electric heating equipment produced and sold by Tuozhiming has its own intellectual property rights. The products were distributed in all domestic industries and fields with chemical laboratories, and were exported to Germany, Australia, the Middle East, and Asian countries, and highly praised by domestic and foreign experts and scholars. Which Is recognized as a "really easy to use" product.

Never stop Extending, to the peak and light future. We will continue to work hard on the road of independent research and development. Together with peer companies who are interested in creating brilliant domestic laboratory equipment, we will create Chinese elements in the field of laboratory equipment in the world, and let the world's first-class laboratory people fall in love with China’s first-class laboratory equipment.