Digestion & Acid Removal Instrument

Source: Date:2019-06-11 13:07:00Position:Digestion & Acid Removal Instrument

                                                             Surrounding stereo electric heating digestion & acid removal instrument 

  • Uses Sample baking, drying and sample digestion test, is a necessary tool for geological, metallurgical, environmental protection, agriculture, grain and cooking oil, forestry, food, medical and health, biochemical and other laboratories, as well as teaching and research. Sample digestion before chemical analysis of soil, feed, plants, seeds, heavy metals, ore. It is an ideal equipment of sample pretreatment for analytical instruments such as AA, ICP, ICP-MS, and atomic fluorescence. It can also be used for pretreatment and acid removal treatment of microwave digestion.
  • Main features1. Stereo surround heating: The design concept of five-sided heating is the real sense of stereo surround heating.
    2. High efficiency of rapid digestion: large amount of sample disposal at one time, heating time is short. Compared with the general hole digestion instrument which only relies on the plane heating radiation facade, it can improve the working efficiency by 60%.
    3. Digestion uniformity: the bottom of the test tube and 360 degree heating make the sample heating without blind spots, good stability and uniformity.
    4. Precise temperature control: PID adjustment, temperature control accuracy (±0.1 ℃).  
    5. Good thermal insulation performance: high-alumina Mullite with high quality and environmental protection ensures the minimum heat loss.
    6. Corrosion Resistance: The metal shell is coated with special anti-corrosion professional coatings, which are resistant to various corrosive liquids and gases.  
    7. Easy to use: The apparent temperature is the sample temperature.
    8. Safety of use: Multilayer insulation protection, in case of equipment failure, the alarm will be light and sound and stop work immediately.

  • Parameter

    Model Dimension (mm) Power
    Max. temperature
    Temperature control accuracy(℃) Shape size
    (L*W*H) mm
    Weight    (kg)
    DC46-3088 400*600 7 32 350 ±0.1 715×625×215 73
    DC34-3040 300*400 4 18 350 ±0.1 525×550×215 42

                                 Can be used with any brand of microwave digestion tube.

                                                                                 The above parameters are the test value of detection environment.

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