TD-500℃ series Voltage-Regulating Electric Heating Plate

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TD-500℃ series Voltage-Regulating Electric Heating Plate
  • Uses Sample baking, drying and sample digestion test, is a necessary tool for geological, metallurgical, environmental protection, agriculture, grain and cooking oil, forestry, food, medical and health, biochemical and other laboratories, as well as teaching and research. Sample digestion before chemical analysis of soil, feed, plants, seeds, heavy metals, ore. It is an ideal equipment of sample pretreatment for analytical instruments such as AA, ICP, ICP-MS, and atomic fluorescence. It can also be used for pretreatment and acid removal treatment of microwave digestion. 
  •  StructureMetal frame, anti-corrosion coating, silicon carbide angulated beam, ceramic fiber, high-alumina combined heating plate. 
  •  FeaturesThree in one combination heating (400x200x3 pcs) can be used alone or together. Convenient operation, fast heating, doesn’t expose wires, no open fire, no fire hazards. Insulation protection, safe and reliable. Gradient temperature control, Max. Temperature 500℃/700℃. Can be used directly or in combination with silicon carbide plate, so that the temperature uniformity, anti-corrosion have achieved better results.

  •  Parameter
       Model TD225 TD345 TD465
Power(KW) 1.8 3.3 5.5
Working voltage(V) 220
Working current(A) 8.5 15 25
Max. Temperature(℃) 500 500 500
Working surface size(mm) 200×200 300×400 400×600(200×400×3)
Oven sizes:L*W*H(mm) 285×355×110 470×435×110 670×560×110
Control box size(mm) 220×280×150 400×280×150
Oven net weight(kg) 11kg 22kg 36kg
                                                                                                  The above parameters are the test value of detection environment.