Overview of international instrument companies in 2018(2)

Source: Date:2019-05-17Position:Enterprise Dynamics

Overview of international instrument companies in 2018(2)

Danaher:full-year revenue of $19.9 billion, increased by 8.5%

       ——Targeting the Chinese market , two major business will be restructured

On January 29, Danaher released full-year 2018 results.Full-year revenue rose 8.5% to $19.9 billion.Net income was $2.7 billion, up 7% from a year earlier.Operating cash flow was $4 billion, up 15.5% from a year earlier.The company's largest business, life sciences, generated $6.471 billion in revenue, or 33% of the total.The second largest business, diagnostics, also generated $6.285 billion in revenue, contributing 31% to total revenue.
Danaher said the company has achieved amazing results in 2018, with strong revenue growth and operating margin growth.This achievement benefits from the company's new product innovation and the enhancement of business execution, and the market share will be increased in the future.To succeed in the Chinese market, Danaher will shift the country's life sciences and diagnostics business to a platform-led model.For this reason, the company has appointed the President of the platform in China for each platform, who can directly accept the report of the business team and report to the global President of each operating company in a dotted line.This year, Danaher will restructure both its life sciences and diagnostics businesses in China, which it believes will contribute to its growth in the Chinese market.  
Sartorius:full-year revenue was 1.566 billion euros, increased by 13.2%
    ——America and Asia Pacific markets have potential

On January 19, the world famous instrument supplier Sartorius announced the company's performance in 2018.The sales revenue of Sartorius group reached 1.566 billion euros, up 13.2% year on year, according to the data.Group-related net income surged 21.9% to 175.6 million euros from 144 million euros a year earlier.
Last year's strong performance was mainly attributed to the growth of the company's various departments and major sales regions.The biopharmaceutical solutions division of Sartorius has greatly enhanced the momentum of the biopharmaceutical sector through technological innovation.At the same time, the company's laboratory products and services department for the life sciences research and development and quality assurance, to provide laboratory equipment and technology, so that it has been a strong development.Together with the acquisition of Essen Biosciences in 2017, it contributed 2.5% to the unit's growth.In terms of sales and marketing, sales in the Americas rose 16.6% to 520.1 million euros, while sales in the Asia-Pacific region rose 15.5% to 388.2 million euros.The EMEA region, though growing at only 9.4%, still brought in euro657.7 million, the most among the three regions.However, in terms of growth rate, the market in the Americas, Asia Pacific region has potential, is expected to create better performance in the New Year.Revenue is expected to grow 7 to 11% in 2019, with biological process solutions expected to grow 8 to 12% and laboratory products and services expected to grow 5 to 9%. 
Illumina:full-year revenue of $3.33 billion, increased by 21%
    ——Achieved 20 consecutive years of revenue growth
Illumina earned $3.333 billion in 2018, up 21% from the previous year, compared with $2.752 billion in fiscal 2017.The company spent $623 million on research and development, and $794 million on sales, operations and administrative expenses (SG&A), both up from a year earlier.Illumina has had 20 consecutive years of revenue growth till 2018.More and more customers and regions are using the company's innovative sequencing applications, and in vitro diagnostics, genomics and other fields are growing rapidly.Illumina also acquired Pacific Biosciences in 2018 to enter the long read long sequencing market.It is believed that the development in 2019 will be more worth expectation.

 Bruker:full-year revenue of $1.90 billion, increased by 7%
    ——2018 net profit jumped 129%

For the full year of 2018, Bruker's revenue was $1.896 billion, up 7 percent from $1.766 billion in 2017. Organic revenue was up 4%, in line with previous Wall Street estimates.The monetary effect increased revenues by 2%and acquisitions by 1%.In terms of net income, Bruker's earnings last year were substantial, jumping 129% to $179.7 million from $78.6 million in 2017.Therefore, Bruker became the scientific instrument enterprise with the highest net profit growth rate in this inventory.
In addition, Bruker's research and development expenses rose 7% to $173.4 million last year from $161.6 million, while SG&A expenses rose 7% to $444.7 million from $415.2 million.The growth of these expenses is related to Bruker's product innovation and business expansion.Bruker is expected to accelerate further in fiscal 2019, with organic revenue expected to grow between 4 and 5%. 
 Mettler Toledo:full-year revenue of $2.94 billion, increased by 8%
    ——Asia is the pole of strong growth

With the fourth quarter of last year's  report, Mettler Toledo's 2018 results were also announced.Total annual sales of Mettler Toledo reached $2.936 billion, up 8% year-on-year, according to the report.By region, the company grew 5% in the Americas, 7% in Europe and 12% in Asia and elsewhere.In terms of monetary returns, the Americas grew 5%, Europe 4%, and Asia and other regions contributed 10%.It can be said that the Asian market has become a strong growth pole of Mettler Toledo with extraordinary development potential.
Based on current market conditions, Mettler Toledo also has some ideas for 2019.As the global economic environment may change, Mettler Toledo will continue to closely monitor economic conditions and adjust its market plans accordingly.Although this uncertainty will bring some challenges to the company's development, in general, the company will continue to develop solidly and achieve strong growth in 2019.