The United States and China trade war, will the instrument companies still invest in Chinese mainlan

Source: Date:2019-05-17Position:Enterprise Dynamics

The United States and China trade war, will the instrument companies still invest in Chinese mainland?

Investment in high-tech manufacturing has accelerated this year, according to relevant investment data from January to May 2018 released by the Investment Department of the National Statistics Bureau. Data show that investment in high-tech manufacturing increased by 9.7% from January to May, 1.8% higher than that from January to April, and 4.5% higher than the total investment in manufacturing.Investment in the manufacturing of special instruments for environmental monitoring increased by 106.5%.Investment in the manufacturing of medical diagnostic, monitoring and treatment equipment increased by 69.2%.Investment in semiconductor discrete device manufacturing increased by 33.1%.Investment in the manufacturing of industrial automatic control system equipment increased by 31.6%.Investment in telecommunications equipment manufacturing increased by 30.5%.Investment in integrated circuit manufacturing increased by 28.1%.From January to May, high-tech manufacturing investment accounted for 17.1% of the total manufacturing investment, an increase of 5% and 3.6% over the same period of 2016 and 2017 respectively.

According to our incomplete statistics of relevant information in the first five months of this year, the investment and development information of relevant industries in China this year is as follows:

In May, the foundation breaking ceremony was held for the research and development and manufacturing project of laboratory analytical instruments of Inner Mongolia Persee General Instruments Co., Ltd. Waters Corp. also actively establishes research centers and laboratories with domestic enterprises and universities.

In the middle of April, Suzhou Institute of Medical Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jinan city of Shandong province signed an agreement to jointly build Shandong Innovation Research Institute.Suzhou Institute of Medical Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences is also building a pilot-scale amplification platform, including optical equipment adjustment, electronic equipment technology, comprehensive testing, etc.

In late March, Bosch Corp. project of increasing capital and expanding production of laser instruments was completed in Dongguan, Guangdong. Agilent also unveiled a new emc lab at its Shanghai plant.

According to the data disclosed by Beijing Const Instrument, the company plans to build instrument and sensor R&D and production projects with a total investment of no less than 250 million RMB in the next five years.

In addition to many companies to carry out investment and construction, many local governments have also seen the broad prospects for development, and vigorously promote the construction of related industrial parks.Among them, Guangzhou Hexin Analytical Instrument in Guangzhou Huangpu area, Guangzhou development zone district government, under the support of Hexin mass spectrometry industrialization base in Guangzhou science city project has been to break ground. And the goal to build Shanghai analysis technology industry research institute and production with  city depth fusion new model, new benchmark of in Shanghai enlightenment caohejing hi-tech park phase II has now started to construct, planning a total construction area of 110000 square meters, the third phase is planning. 

According to the National Statistics Bureau' data on the operating revenue of industrial enterprises in different sectors from January to May in 2018, the operating revenue of instrument manufacturing industry increased by 9.3% year-on-year, reaching 323.8 billion RMB.In general, instrument manufacturing and other high-tech industries have a good momentum of development in the first half of 2018. It is expected that instrument manufacturing will remain one of the key investment industries in the second half of 2018, and the industry will have an optimistic development prospect in the future.