Domestic mass spectrometer got new development and steady progress

Source: Date:2019-11-29Position:Industry News


 Mass spectrometry is a technique widely used in various fields to identify compounds by preparation, separation and detection of gaseous ions.Because the mass spectrometry has advantages of high sensitivity, less sample consumption, fast analysis speed, separation and identification at the same time. Mass spectrometry has been widely used in chemical, energy, medicine, chemical industry, environment, criminal science and technology, life science, material science and other fields, has become the important technical support of scientific research, production.

Since the birth of the world's first mass spectrometer, mass spectrometry technology has made great contributions to the progress of social civilization.China is also a beneficiary of mass spectrometry.Looking back on the development history of mass spectrometry in China, it is not difficult to find that although mass spectrometry in China was once struggling and did not develop smoothly, it also developed rapidly after being reborn, showing the power of Made in China.
The development of mass spectrometry in China can be traced back to the 1960s, but the real market of mass spectrometry in China has its own voice back to 2006.This year, Beijing East & West Analytical Instrument launched China's first commercial mass spectrometer, breaking China's mass spectrometry in the laboratory instrument market for nearly 30 years of silence, sounded the horn of mass spectrometry started again.Since then, a number of domestic manufacturers, such as Focused Photonics Inc., Hexin, Skyray instrument, and Persee General Instruments, have joined the mass spectrometry production and research and development ranks. Thanks to their efforts, the types of mass spectrometer instruments in China are increasing, and the scope of instrument use is also increasing.

In order to encourage the development of China's manufacturing industry, the state has introduced many policies and measures, such as "Made in China 2025", "China Standard 2035", etc., which not only promote the further development of China's manufacturing industry, but also bring hope for the development of domestic mass spectrometer industry.Under the escort of many policies, the development of mass spectrometer in China has gradually entered a stage of steady progress.
The progress of mass spectrometry in China is clearly visible.In the past, domestic mass spectrometry academic conferences were more about foreign mass spectrometry technology and its application results in China, but in recent years, some Chinese experts have been able to report their own new research results at international and domestic conferences, and Chinese mass spectrometry researchers have published more and more papers in international important journals.At the same time, there are more and more talents in the field of mass spectrometry in China, and there are more and more mass spectrometer companies with technical expertise. 
In general, the development of mass spectrometry in China has always had its own advantages, and the huge domestic market has given it enough space to grow.Although we are also facing the situation of competing with foreign products, pressure is also the driving force. The tough Chinese mass spectrometry industry has been growing under the pressure.At present, the mass spectrometry industry as a whole is still developing at a high speed.