Do not stop innovation pace, doubled the achievements of major scientific instruments

Source: Date:2019-09-16Position:Industry News


            To accelerate high-quality development, it is essential to deepen innovation-driven development.High level scientific instruments are an important symbol of social civilization. Nowadays, the growing social demand provides an important opportunity for the development of instruments. The rise of instruments and equipment industry needs more innovation-driven development.

Scientific instruments and equipment are the cornerstone of scientific research and technological innovation and an important guarantee for economic and social development and national defense security.In order to effectively enhance the independent innovation ability and equipment level of China's scientific instruments and equipment, and promote industrial upgrading and development, the high-tech center of the ministry of science and technology recently announced the 2018 annual project arrangement of the key special project of "major scientific instruments and equipment development" under the national key research and development plan, with 53 projects to be set up, involving a national expenditure of 519.6 million yuan.
With the generous investment of national financial funds, a series of major scientific instrument research projects have been blossoming everywhere.In recent days.Wisesoft said, the company led the national major scientific instruments and equipment development special project "high speed and high precision structure light 3d measuring instrument development and application" has passed technical acceptance. 
Under the traction of the national demand, the domestic spectral technologists are bent on the research of new spectral science and technology, and have made excellent achievements in scientific research.Recently, Hefei Gold Star Electromechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd. undertook the national major scientific instrument equipment development special project "combustion process multispectral analysis instrument development and application", which successfully passed the comprehensive acceptance organized by the science and technology evaluation center of the ministry of science and technology.During the implementation period of the project, the development of multi-spectral analysis instruments for combustion process and the industrialization of engineering were completed. 
            The project broke the monopoly of foreign products in related application fields, realized online detection of the process parameters of copper smelting and arsenic-containing fine gold smelting, promoted the application of spectral technology in industrial fields, provided online measurement data for industries with high energy consumption and high pollution and related scientific research, and promoted the technological progress in related fields. 

Major scientific instrument projects will strengthen technological innovation, focus on product reliability and stability experiments, expand product application fields, improve industry-university-research-application integration, and stimulate the vitality and creativity of industries and enterprises, so as to significantly enhance the sustainable development ability and core competitiveness of China's scientific instrument industry.

Aim at the frontier of science and technology, grasp the general trend and lay a practical foundation.The research and development of scientific research instruments in China still needs to make great efforts in key fields, firmly grasp the initiative of innovation in their own hands, and accelerate the first-mover advantage in the field.